Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Welcome new Gazette Contributor Shari Schweigler

Shari Schweigler, a full time resident of Copperopolis since October 2013, left the hustle and bustle of Campbell behind to reunite with her rural roots.

After years of living in the city she was a bit trepidacious about leaving behind the conveniences a large city has to offer, but admitted to not worrying about missing  "the urban chaos." Since moving to Copper, Shari and husband Dave have found "plenty of alternatives."

Shari loves to write "mostly because I love reading, and that's the way some writer is communicating with me.  I've rarely met a good writer who is not an avid reader." After teaching English for thirty years, Shari now wishes to write for the love of writing as opposed to writing for instructional or educational uses.

She is also an avid theater buff and will be actively auditioning for parts in the near future with local theater companies.

Being a theater aficionado makes her, in my mind, the perfect person to write theater reviews. Though Shari will be contributing human interest stories from time to time, she will be covering as many theater productions as she can, bringing you and inside look into the many theater experiences offered in the foothills.

We hope you enjoy Shari's articles and we thank her immensely for her contributions to the Copper Gazette.

updated 4-14-14