Wednesday, February 26, 2014

One person can make a change - by 5th grader Gabriel McGregor

Can one person or a small group of people make a huge change to society?

This question was asked of them after several lessons/class discussions leading into Black History Month.         

These are Gabriel's thoughts: 

One person can make huge changes in society and that is Martin Luther King Jr.  Martin Luther King made that happen with his “ I Have A Dream” speech.  It doesn’t matter if your color is different, we were all made the same and they are Americans just like we are.  Dr.King knew that and that is why it is important to be kind to all people and respect them.  Martin Luther King reminded me of something and that is we are all brothers and sisters.  We will watch each other’s backs and treat them like us.  In this year of 2014, we have friends, family, and gratitude in our hearts.   Martin Luther King jr. made society change and he would love to see what good friends we are in 2014.

Gabriel McGregor
5th grade