Reader's Photos

Spring has sprung - Georgette Wynn 4-7-14

Sunset over Copper through the storm 4-1-14

Sunset over Lake Tulloch by Grant West 1-3-14

Moon by Grant West 9-15-13

Lightening by Grant West 6-10-13

Beauty at Blackcreek by Jack Forkner 4-3-13

Parking Lot at Lowes after 2-19-13 snowfall from John Martin

Snowfall in Copper Calypso Bay from Bill Hale

Snowfall in Copper 2-19-13 from Grant West

Snowfall in Copper 2-19-13 from Richard Kotowski

The following four overflowing river and waterfall photos from the storm on 12-1-12 are from Grant West.

Photo by Jack Forkner

Endeavor flight over Copperopolis from Richard Kotowski

 Solar eclipse by Jack Forkner

                                                                  By, Ralph Murphy
By, Kyran Enzi

By, Stacey Nolan

By, Michelle Toberer

In memory of Bill Turner

Chief Powers 'Welcome Home' Procession, by, Nick Maness

In memory of Rich Lipnick

By, Marshall Maness

By, Randy Breese

By, Pearl Rollings

By, Jessica Welch