Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sport Pub retains the County Pool Champ title

Seven teams from throughout the county competed in the Countywide Pool Tournament this past Sunday for the title of County Pool Champion.

And the winner was Ray Garcia of Micki and Larry's Sports Pub.

The tournament is held twice yearly, the first weekend of May and the first weekend of November.

This month's win allows the Sports Pub to have the title of reigning champions for 2014.

Ray Garcia brought the win to the Sports Pub on November 2, 2014.
James Brehm won the tournament this past May for the Pub.

When the Sports Pub hosts the countywide tournament in May 2015 it will mark the 30th anniversary for the pool tournament.  Micki and Larry have plans of making that tournament a celebration.

Sports Pub, Old Corner, Claussen's Angels Camp, Calaveras Pines Railroad Flat, The Smoke House Valley Springs, The Red Brick San Andreas,and one unknown bar participated.

(Bar unknown due to lack of response by coordinator by time of posting.)