Friday, February 28, 2014

Girl Scout cookies comin' to town

Our newly formed Brownie Troop #3305 as well as Troop 2026 will be selling their yummy Girl Scout Cookies at Copper Station on March 1, 2014.  Troops will be taking pre-orders begining January 10th.   

The Brownie troop began in November 2013 and already has six girls in their troop but are always looking for new girls to join. If your child is in 2nd or 3rd grade and is interested in becoming a Brownie please contact Troop #3305 leader Liz Martinez at 785-4025. 

WINNING WAYS CORNER – “Bottom Line Advice to Reclaim Your Power!” by Marge 'Magic' Powers

As a Career and Master NLP Life Learning Coach, I have offered to provide the Copper Gazette readers with a monthly advice column.  It is my intention to inform you with valuable information which can help you understand useful, effective strategies and tools that empower your life and career.  I can help you think bigger about who you are and what you can offer the world; you deserve it. 

Have you ever wondered how to get your head around the ‘actions’ you need to take to get the things you want in your Career and Job Search Activities, Retirement or Self-Development Life issues?  It would be my great privilege to introduce you to the skills and knowledge as to how to Reclaim Your Power so you can more easily achieve your ideal life. 

We are all equal - by 5th grader Leslie Quashnick

Can one person or a small group of people make a huge change to society?

This question was asked of them after several lessons/class discussions leading into Black History Month.                                                                                                           

Here are Leslie's thoughts:
 I do think that a group or one person can make a huge change because Rosa Parks did.  She did it in a way that was right.  The bus driver told her and three other men to move to make more room for the white, but only the men moved(they shouldn’t have), and Mrs. Parks refused to move just for a white person.  She did the right thing, and she knew that just because your white does not mean that you and black people are different.  Also, Martin Luther King Jr. made a huge change.  He had a dream that everybody should have freedom, and it came true(kind of, we’re working on it).  Today we are pretty much free, we can sit with black or white people, be friends with black or white people, and even date, or marry black or white people.  There are a lot of people that made a big difference in this world like the Little Rock Nine, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., and Abraham Lincoln.  Of course there were more but I can’t remember all of them, but not everyone or everything is quite equal quite yet.  Anyways,  Rosa Parks was black and she believed that no matter if you're black or white you are equal.             

Leslie Quashnick
5th grade    

Prime Rib at the Old Corner TONIGHT! 2-28-14

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stage 3 - Park your Car in Harvard Yard - "lots of laughs" amid "retribution, redemption and reconciliation" by Shari Schweigler

A surprising entertainment has opened at Stage 3 Theatre in Sonora and continues through March 23.   Park Your Car in Harvard Yard  is the story of an elderly, retired schoolteacher and the young housekeeper he hires after living alone his entire adult life in the same Gloucester, Massachusetts, house where he grew up. It’s surprising because there are lots of laughs in the play despite the fact that it deals with themes of retribution, redemption, and reconciliation. 

            The play appeared on Broadway in the early 90’s with Jason Robards and Judith Ivey as “Mr. Brackish” and “Kathleen Hogan.”  The Sonora production features Stephen Daly and Susannah Holland and was directed by Van Gordon, Stage 3’s new artistic director.

Youth Spaghetti feed to raise funds for mission trip

Spaghetti Feed
March 1st
Black Creek Park
from 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Join us for a great night of food and fellowship. Tickets are $5.
You get Spaghetti, Salad, Bread and a Cookie!
You can purchase any ticket from one of our youth that are going to camp. The proceeds will go to our mission trip to Mexico and our youth going to Hume Lake Christian Camp.

CHP press release re: Cancelation of afterschool activies in San Andreas due to private property collision

Calaveras Unified School District parents for Calaveras High School, San Andreas Elementary School, and Gold Strike High School may have received this email and or phone call.

We are repeating this information in an effort to prevent or dispel rumors.

Good afternoon,
This is Mike Merrill Principal of Calaveras High School. We have been alerted to an overturned truck carrying ammonium chloride on the Sanitary District property adjacent to the Calaveras High School property. The hull of the truck has not been punctured so there is no immediate danger to our students or staff.
We were told by local and state officials that we are to cancel all afternoon practices, performances and competitions scheduled for the CHS campus today. This campus as well as Gold Strike High School and San Andreas Elementary will be cleared of all students and personnel as the truck is unloaded and up-righted after 3:50 pm.
All buses and cars will have already left the campus by that time.
Thank you for your attention and patience as we work through this safety procedure with our local fire department and state hazmat agencies.

Copper School looking for volunteers

Come Sub at Copper Elementary!
Yard Duty, Library, Computer Lab, and the Office are areas you can  sub at Copper!
Come to the office and talk with Nicole if you are interested in getting
on our sub list.
We would love to have you on our list to call to help on campus!
Live scan and TB test required. Call 785-2236 for more info.

Bark n Bubbles offering pet sitting

                                          GROOMER BY APPT.                        
785-WASH (9274)

Copper Food Pantry serves 62 families in February

In February 2012 we had 35 families ask for food assistance. In February 2013 we had 52 families. Yesterday, February 20, 2014, we had 62 families ask for food. That is a new record for the month of February. Is the economy getting better? Evidently in Copperopolis it is not.
We have heard that food prices are going up this summer, but they are jumping at an alarming rate right now. We started the distribution day with our shelves and freezers full of food, and by the end of the day we had given out a majority of our supply while running out of some things completely. We anticipate doing a lot of shopping for basic items to keep up with the requests.

Brave - by 5th grader Kole Barnes

Can one person or a small group of people make a huge change to society?

This question was asked of them after several lessons/class discussions leading into Black History Month.      

Here are Kole's thoughts:                                                                                                     

Brave.  Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks were two people who changed the world. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech that made people unite.  He made it possible for African Americans go to the same schools, have the same jobs, and more.  Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man, but was sadly killed by assassination.  He was a man of bravery, like Rosa Parks.  Rosa Parks is a person who created a bus boycott.  She made it so African Americans can sit wherever they want on a bus.  She got arrested for refusing to move to the back of the bus.  When Rosa Parks was in jail, African Americans stopped riding the bus.  So then the law changed to make African Americans to sit where they want on the bus.  So now blacks are equal with whites.

Kole Barnes 
5th grade

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Demigods Body Art Studio

Art studio catering to the needs of clients for customized artwork and graphics to enhance self image and self awareness.

From single sitting tattoos to cover ups and full body art, artist Loren Tomschin can create your dream tattoo.

For more photos of Loren's work visit
Located conveniently in Tanglez salon, please call for an appointment
(209) 785-4247.

Rovedatti's is looking for experienced cooks

The soon to open Rovedatti's Bar and Grill in Copper Town Square is now hiring and looking for experienced cooks.
Please leave your resume or application at Griff's BBQ & Grill 304 Town Square Rd Copperopolis

Welcome new Gazette Contributor Shari Schweigler

Shari Schweigler, a full time resident of Copperopolis since October 2013, left the hustle and bustle of Campbell behind to reunite with her rural roots.

After years of living in the city she was a bit trepidacious about leaving behind the conveniences a large city has to offer, but admitted to not worrying about missing  "the urban chaos." Since moving to Copper, Shari and husband Dave have found "plenty of alternatives."

Shari loves to write "mostly because I love reading, and that's the way some writer is communicating with me.  I've rarely met a good writer who is not an avid reader." After teaching English for thirty years, Shari now wishes to write for the love of writing as opposed to writing for instructional or educational uses.

Kindergarten registration


Copperopolis Elementary is holding registration on Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Parents of children who will be 5 years old

on or before September 1, 2014 can pick up a registration packet beginning January 27th.

In order to schedule an evaluation time please return your completed packet (including immunization records and health forms).

For questions please call 209-785-2236.

Board of Sups votes 5-0 in favor of Moke River preservation

At the 2-25-14 Board of Supervisors meeting the first item on the agenda was a resolution brought to the Board by Supervisor Chris Wright to designate the Mokelumne River to a State Wild and Scenic status.

The chambers were standing room only and the public comment continued for almost an hour with very little opposition.

The primary public support was tourist economy and wildlife preservation.

Sonora Celtic fair coming March 7, 8, and 9th

For more info visit

Spur R Guns - your local gunsmith

Working with guns over the last 30 years, we have become experts in repairs of all types and styles of weapons including military as well as many antique guns. We are glad that we are able to offer not only quality repairs and restoration, but expedient services to our customers as well.

With our time and experience we are not only able to offer good advice without the sales pitch, but we are able to bring you amazing prices below online stores and other brokers in the state. Many years of both military and hunting experience, along with current correspondence with military personnel allows us to provide the best equipment available at the best prices you can find.

If we don't have it we can order it as long as its legal.
By appointment only.
For more information visit

Payless IGA weekly ad for 2-26-14 thru 3-4-14

To view the Payless IGA weekly ad for 2-26-14 thru 3-4-14 CLICK HERE

Sonora PD press release re: vehicle vs pedestrian accident

25 February 2014, at approx. 4:08 pm, emergency personnel responded to Stockton Road near Mill Villa road for a reported vehicle vs. pedestrian accident. When officers arrived they located the male pedestrian over an embankment, where he had landed following the collision.

It was determined from witnesses that a 2006 Ford pick-up was westbound on Stockton Road, when a male pedestrian, who was walking eastbound along the north shoulder, intentionally jumped in front of the pick-up. The pedestrian was three feet into the traffic lane when he was struck by the right front of the Ford truck. The force of the impact launched the pedestrian over an embankment and down a small ravine.

CCWD re-opens water line in Saddle Creek to allow for potential growth

Saddle Creek is beginning the process for potential building within their Hawk Ridge Road Unit 6 area.

On the CCWD 2-12-14 Board agenda was the following item:
"Discussion / Action Approving the Acceptance of Transfer of Unit 6 Saddle Creek Development’s Water and Wastewater Service Facilities and Rescind CCWD’s Agreement to Operate and Maintain

The owners of Saddle Creek, Castle & Cooke, have "requested a transfer of an inactive loop in the Saddle Creek service area into an active one so that Saddle Creek subdivision owners can move forward to building houses in that area." said Dennis Dooley, District 4 CCWD Director. "Before they can apply for a building permit, they must first have active water and wastewater service to the area."

One person can make a change - by 5th grader Gabriel McGregor

Can one person or a small group of people make a huge change to society?

This question was asked of them after several lessons/class discussions leading into Black History Month.         

These are Gabriel's thoughts: 

One person can make huge changes in society and that is Martin Luther King Jr.  Martin Luther King made that happen with his “ I Have A Dream” speech.  It doesn’t matter if your color is different, we were all made the same and they are Americans just like we are.  Dr.King knew that and that is why it is important to be kind to all people and respect them.  Martin Luther King reminded me of something and that is we are all brothers and sisters.  We will watch each other’s backs and treat them like us.  In this year of 2014, we have friends, family, and gratitude in our hearts.   Martin Luther King jr. made society change and he would love to see what good friends we are in 2014.

Gabriel McGregor
5th grade

Pack 347 holds their first Pinewood Derby

The first Copperopolis Cub Scout Pack 347 Pinewood Derby was held February 1, 2014.

     The boys all built their own race cars with help from their parents and raced each other on a race track that was handed down from the previous pack here in Copper.  Even the dads got in on the action and built cars for the "Outlaw Class."  While the boys' cars had to be within certain weight and length regulations to compete, the outlaws could break all the rules! 
 Korlan Gibson took overall 1st place, and Aden Scott took home the Parents' Choice award for best looking.  Jeremy Bragg took 1st place for the Bear Den, and Gabriel Oliver took 1st place for the Webelos! Tripp Walker took 1st for the parents' Outlaw Class.

Courtesy photos

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

George Runner: Gas Tax Cut ‘Good News for California’

George Runner issued the following statement today after joining a 5-0 vote to lower the gasoline excise tax 3.5 cents per gallon as of July 1, 2014:

“Our vote today is good news for California taxpayers. This much-needed tax relief will arrive as Californians are on the road for summer vacations.

“Lower gas taxes are good for our economy and good for jobs, but even with this cut Californians will continue to pay one of the highest gas taxes in the nation.

Copper Firefighters get a thanks from local cub scouts

In January local Cub Scout Pack 347 attended a tour and fire safety talk at our local fire station.

The scouts were taught fire safety. equipment use and all about what a firefighters job requires.

After the tour, the boys made a poster as a thank you and delivered it to the firemen on duty.

 Courtesy photos

Rain forecast starting tonight continuing thru Saturday

  • 2-25-14
  • Today Sunny, with a high near 71. Light and variable wind becoming south around 6 mph in the afternoon.
  • Tonight A 10 percent chance of rain after 5am. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 46. Light and variable wind.
  • Wednesday Rain, mainly after 11am. High near 64. East wind 5 to 14 mph becoming south in the afternoon. Winds could gust as high as 21 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New precipitation amounts between a tenth and quarter of an inch possible.
  • Wednesday Night Showers, with thunderstorms also possible after 11pm. Low around 45. Southeast wind around 16 mph, with gusts as high as 24 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New rainfall amounts between a half and three quarters of an inch possible.
  • Thursday Showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm before 11am, then a chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 61. South southeast wind around 13 mph, with gusts as high as 20 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%.
  • Thursday Night Showers, mainly after 5am. Low around 43. Chance of precipitation is 80%.
  • Friday Showers, with thunderstorms also possible after 11am. High near 58. Chance of precipitation is 90%.
  • Friday Night Showers and possibly a thunderstorm. Cloudy, with a low around 40.
  • Saturday A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 60.
  • Saturday Night A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 38.

New Melones Fishing Report from Glory Hole Sports

2-25-14 Fishing Report
Water Conditions: New Melones Lake is currently holding 1,057,926 acre-feet of water. The lake level rose a bit this week and is currently at 950 ft. above sea level and 136 ft. from full. The water is very clear in some areas and slightly stained in others, with a little bit of debris on the surface. The average water temperature is 53-56 degrees with some areas reaching 57-58 degrees on warm sunny days. The boat launch ramps at Tuttletown and Glory Hole Point are both open.
Trout: Fair. Still plenty of trout up near the shoreline for anglers to target. With warm sunny days most trout have left the surface and transitioned into a spring pattern, staging in slightly deeper water. The fish are still fairly shallow, cruising the shoreline and roaming the main lake in 15-30' of water. Bank anglers are catching fish off of Glory Hole Point and near the Tuttletown boat launch. Try fishing wind protected pockets, drainages and coves just off of the main lake. Power Bait and Gulp Eggs fished off of the bottom will work well. Also, crawler/mallow combo will work well. Be sure to use a light wire hook to insure your bait is floating off of the bottom. A good way to cover water and locate fish is by fan casting a lure. Kastmasters, Krocodiles, and Sonic Baitfish are great for this presentation because they are heavy enough to make long casts. Trolling anglers should try fishing on and near the surface in the early morning and in the evening when the sun is off of the water. During the mid morning and afternoon try dropping your baits down to 15-25'. The Rapala Scatter Rap is a great lure for top-lining and can be fished at all depths with the use of a downrigger. It can be fished fairly fast and be used to search for fish and cover water. Also, a teardrop dodger with a threaded crawler has been and is always a good fish catching presentation. Be sure to let out plenty of line 150-200". Scents work really well in the winter and early spring months. Try adding garlic, shad, or nightcrawler scent to your baits. 

On Wednesday Neil Selman, Jim McElroy, and Ken Woznak caught 3 limits of rainbow trout, using Power Bait while bank fishing off of Glory Hole Point. Their biggest weighed 1.71-pounds and is good for this weeks Glory Hole Sports Big Fish of the Week Contest. 

Honor Teddy Bears arrive at Operation Mend

On Saturday February 15th, 11 handmade Honor Teddy Bears, made by Eva Murphy of VFW Post 12118 Ladies Aux, arrived at Operation Mend to an ecstatic reception.

Within days the first bear was given to wounded Army SGT Khalil Saltani.

 Khalil told the staff that he was so grateful and mentioned it was little things, like the bear, that really matter most.

Prime Rib at the Old Corner 2-28-14

Habitat for Humanity comes to Copper

Habitat for Humanity held a meeting in Copper on Wednesday 2-18-14 and Saturday 2-21-14 to very large crowds of hopefuls for a new home.

"We would love to make everyone a homeowner" said the speaker, however there exists an application and interview process thereby vetting the applicants for the ONE home to be built in Copperopolis.

After an applicant is chosen there is a down payment, a commitment to spend 400 sweat equity hours for either their home or a service provided by Habitat for Humanity and a commitment to Habitat for Humanity that you will be honest about your income and respectful of the gift you have received.

One small group can change society - by 5th grader Sami Sinclair

Can one person or a small group of people make a huge change to society?

This question was asked of them after several lessons/class discussions leading into Black History Month.         

These are Sami's thoughts:                                                                                                  

    A small group, or even one person can change the society for everyone.   

The most unforgettable African American, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used peaceful ways to protest and to persuade.  The famous “I Have a Dream” speech given in 1963, was not just a speech, but also persuaded many, and helped the segregation law be passed in 1964, one year after his speech.  Dr. Martin Luther King was one of the most important people who helped this law be passed, because he never did violent protests.  This amazing man will never be forgotten, because of all the things he did for this country.

For my second example I will use the bravest group of African Americans:  The Little Rock Nine.  All these kids ranging from different ages, were the first African Americans kids to march proudly into what was an all white school.  These kids were escorted into the school by police, because parents of whites were protesting and being very violent, so they needed protection.  This small group changed society by showing that two colors can be together.

The amazing, and brave, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Little Rock Nine proved that one person or even a small group can change society.  They helped a lot, but they never were violent, or mean in any way.  We can always remember these heroes during Black History Month.   
Sami Sinclair
5th grade

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Calaveras Community Foundation (CCF) Announces Competitive Grant Cycle for 2014

In 2013, Calaveras Community Foundation introduced the idea of focusing on initiatives for grant giving. The two initiatives chosen were: Aging in Place for Seniors and Support for Learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The results, based on the number of viable applications received were gratifying.  In 2014, those same two initiatives will still be in place with the addition of a third: County Youth – designed to foster youth development in extra-curricular activities for ages K-12.

An additional change in the 2014 grant processing cycle is an earlier submission period for all grants applications. Applications will begin to be accepted on March 1, 2014 and must be submitted to CCF by 5:00 PM on Friday, March 31, 2014.  As in 2013, ALL applications for competitive grants MUST address one of the three initiatives to be considered for funding. Complete details, application guidelines and fillable forms are now available on the website in the “Grants and Scholarships” area.