Tuesday, February 25, 2014

One small group can change society - by 5th grader Sami Sinclair

Can one person or a small group of people make a huge change to society?

This question was asked of them after several lessons/class discussions leading into Black History Month.         

These are Sami's thoughts:                                                                                                  

    A small group, or even one person can change the society for everyone.   

The most unforgettable African American, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used peaceful ways to protest and to persuade.  The famous “I Have a Dream” speech given in 1963, was not just a speech, but also persuaded many, and helped the segregation law be passed in 1964, one year after his speech.  Dr. Martin Luther King was one of the most important people who helped this law be passed, because he never did violent protests.  This amazing man will never be forgotten, because of all the things he did for this country.

For my second example I will use the bravest group of African Americans:  The Little Rock Nine.  All these kids ranging from different ages, were the first African Americans kids to march proudly into what was an all white school.  These kids were escorted into the school by police, because parents of whites were protesting and being very violent, so they needed protection.  This small group changed society by showing that two colors can be together.

The amazing, and brave, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Little Rock Nine proved that one person or even a small group can change society.  They helped a lot, but they never were violent, or mean in any way.  We can always remember these heroes during Black History Month.   
Sami Sinclair
5th grade