Thursday, February 27, 2014

CHP press release re: Cancelation of afterschool activies in San Andreas due to private property collision

Calaveras Unified School District parents for Calaveras High School, San Andreas Elementary School, and Gold Strike High School may have received this email and or phone call.

We are repeating this information in an effort to prevent or dispel rumors.

Good afternoon,
This is Mike Merrill Principal of Calaveras High School. We have been alerted to an overturned truck carrying ammonium chloride on the Sanitary District property adjacent to the Calaveras High School property. The hull of the truck has not been punctured so there is no immediate danger to our students or staff.
We were told by local and state officials that we are to cancel all afternoon practices, performances and competitions scheduled for the CHS campus today. This campus as well as Gold Strike High School and San Andreas Elementary will be cleared of all students and personnel as the truck is unloaded and up-righted after 3:50 pm.
All buses and cars will have already left the campus by that time.
Thank you for your attention and patience as we work through this safety procedure with our local fire department and state hazmat agencies.