Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Habitat for Humanity comes to Copper

Habitat for Humanity held a meeting in Copper on Wednesday 2-18-14 and Saturday 2-21-14 to very large crowds of hopefuls for a new home.

"We would love to make everyone a homeowner" said the speaker, however there exists an application and interview process thereby vetting the applicants for the ONE home to be built in Copperopolis.

After an applicant is chosen there is a down payment, a commitment to spend 400 sweat equity hours for either their home or a service provided by Habitat for Humanity and a commitment to Habitat for Humanity that you will be honest about your income and respectful of the gift you have received.

Functioning on donations and volunteers, Habitat for Humanity is so much more than a new home for those who would otherwise never have the honor of being homeowners, they are also senior citizen aids with their Brush with Kindness program whereby people volunteer to help needy senior citizens in their community clear the brush from their home. Or their neighborhood revitalization initiative providing critical home repair through community partnerships allowing people to stay in their homes.

Homes are built to accomodate special needs and also with an awareness of utility costs; as many have solar installed thereby reducing power consumption and utility costs.

Once chosen a client is assigned a credit agent who helps design a budget for the soon-to-be homeowners "so you are successful." 

Habitat for Humanity is always accepting donations of money, land or homes to help those who are of the working class yet may never realize the American dream without your help.

For more information on Habitat for Humanity Calaveras visit http://www.habitatcalaveras.org/