Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Board of Sups votes 5-0 in favor of Moke River preservation

At the 2-25-14 Board of Supervisors meeting the first item on the agenda was a resolution brought to the Board by Supervisor Chris Wright to designate the Mokelumne River to a State Wild and Scenic status.

The chambers were standing room only and the public comment continued for almost an hour with very little opposition.

The primary public support was tourist economy and wildlife preservation.

The opposing comments surrounded potential loss of water rights and long term effects of such a decision. Concern was also expressed with regards to the property rights of the land owners along the river.

Each Board member cited various reasons for their support, from personal memories of the river, to environmental reasons and economic impact.

Wright stated, "As long as I live there will be no more dams along that stretch of river."