Friday, February 28, 2014

We are all equal - by 5th grader Leslie Quashnick

Can one person or a small group of people make a huge change to society?

This question was asked of them after several lessons/class discussions leading into Black History Month.                                                                                                           

Here are Leslie's thoughts:
 I do think that a group or one person can make a huge change because Rosa Parks did.  She did it in a way that was right.  The bus driver told her and three other men to move to make more room for the white, but only the men moved(they shouldn’t have), and Mrs. Parks refused to move just for a white person.  She did the right thing, and she knew that just because your white does not mean that you and black people are different.  Also, Martin Luther King Jr. made a huge change.  He had a dream that everybody should have freedom, and it came true(kind of, we’re working on it).  Today we are pretty much free, we can sit with black or white people, be friends with black or white people, and even date, or marry black or white people.  There are a lot of people that made a big difference in this world like the Little Rock Nine, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., and Abraham Lincoln.  Of course there were more but I can’t remember all of them, but not everyone or everything is quite equal quite yet.  Anyways,  Rosa Parks was black and she believed that no matter if you're black or white you are equal.             

Leslie Quashnick
5th grade