Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Help Harmony Ranch help more children with special needs - Sponsor a Therapeutic Horse

We at Harmony Ranch are looking for donors to help with the cost of keeping a lesson horse for one year. The cost for a year is 3500.00; basic horse care needs include feed, proper hoof care and supplements (this does not include veterinary expenses). With this donation you will be helping us towards our goal of maintaining 8 to 12 lesson horses.

Harmony Ranch, Inc. has had the honor of providing therapeutic riding services to our community since 2011.  The results have been amazing for us as well as our students. Our services target children and adults with disabilities as well as the economically compromised in our community. At Harmony Ranch we have a goal to be of service to as many people in need as we can facilitate but none of this can be accomplished with out our horses, they are the corner stone of our program. The horses make all of our results possible.  We have seen that the horse-student relationship is helping to build independence, socialization skills, community integration, mobility, confidence, self esteem, trust, physical strength and dexterity to name a few in all of our students. These life skills are key for the students to heal in partnership with our Horses.

To sponsor a therapeutic horse CLICK HERE