Friday, August 31, 2012

To Dine or Not to Dine.....

To Dine or not to dine…

This weeks restaurant is Grounds in Murphys.

Don’t let the cute name fool you, it is so much more than coffee.

Wandering about Murphys can be a fun (and expensive) day with all the shops and wineries advertising their wares and fineries, it is a shoppers dream come true. So when you find yourself in the need of a bit of a pick-me-up, code for copious amounts of caffeine to continue burning up the credit card, you might want to stop in Grounds.

Over the years Grounds has been the official ‘birthday’ party place for me and my girlfriends, as they offer just the right atmosphere for laid back fun with a touch of class. While many complain if a chef never changes a menu, the menu at Grounds hasn’t changed in years…there is a reason…everything on that menu is phenomenal. For some reason I find myself stuck on the eggplant sandwich and do not seem to vary as I have never had a sandwich so incredibly delectable and find myself thinking of it from time to time wishing I lived just a tad bit closer so I could have it more often. Eggplant? You ask in horror. Yes. Apparently the chef has a way with eggplant, as it is lightly grilled in fresh evoo with some herbs I have yet to figure out, placed on lightly toasted fresh sourdough bread drizzled with evoo and topped off with a pesto to die for and melted cheese. My mouth is watering as I write.

Now don’t think this is the only item on the menu, but as I have yet to plow through the entire menu I cannot tell you about the other options other than my friends tend to leave nothing for the dishwasher when our meals are complete. Suffice it to say, the meals are scrumptious.

As for ambiance, during a morning brunch it can be hectic, but early afternoon and late afternoon are perfect. The outside seating offers a nice respite from their indoor dining and the service is timely and always nice. The price is just a smidge over what I would prefer to pay, but the food is definitely worth it, as is the drive.

Charity Maness

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(My little disclaimer:  'To dine or not to dine' is meant to be a helpful - and humorous - informational piece only. I receive no monetary compensation for this column nor do I endorse any one eatery. This is simply my opinion. My tastes will be different from others and I readily admit that I have no culinary background, but I am pretty confident I know when food is cooked correctly or not, whether a drink is poured well or not and especially whether wait staff is first-rate or in need of a career change.)