Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ABC Responds to Gazette Questions

Noting an arrest from the California Alcohol Beverage Control on the Sheriff Log for the Lake Tulloch BUMP party on August 18, 2012 the Copper Gazette contacted the ABC regarding the arrests and their presence at BUMP VI. The following is a portion of the letter received from the Stockton Office District Administrator.

"ABC received several reports from the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office detailing disorderly activity that occurred on or about Lake Tulloch Resort during the last “Bump” party held in June.  As a result, ABC filed an accusation against the license resulting in a decision being issued on August 17, 2012.  The decision suspended their ABC license for a period of 15 days.  The suspension period was stayed for a period of one year.  This means that they would not initially have to serve the 15 day suspension.  They would be responsible for the penalty only if they had like violations occur again during the next year."

At BUMP VI on August 18, 2012 "ABC Agents did assist the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office in working the last “Bump” party." ABC "Agents made a total of 16 arrests at the event.  Fourteen of those arrests resulted in a misdemeanor citation for alcohol related offenses.  Two of the arrests resulted in booking the subject.  Of the two that were booked, one was for violations of 11377 HS (possession of a controlled substance) and 25658(a) BP (furnishing an alcoholic beverage to a minor) and the other was for violation of 647(f) PC –(public drunkenness)."

The  administrator stated he is waiting to review the weekend reports to "determine whether or not pursuing further disciplinary action is warranted.  That disciplinary action could range from the licensee having to pay a fine up to suspension of the ABC license."