Friday, August 24, 2012

Local Comedian to perform 8-24-12 at Sport Pub Comedy Night

Local comedian / stand-up comic Julia Fretwell will be performing in Copperopolis on August 24, 2012 at the Sports Pub Comedy Night along with comedian Bruce Baum.

Julia, a three year resident of Copperopolis has used humor her whole life as a coping tool and a means for survival. Turning her well honed skill into a paying job is a dream come true for Julia.

With 20 years experience in job development, helping people finds jobs, Julia discovered after an incredibly injurious auto accident that she did not want to do that anymore. She wrote a book titled "Help I Need a Job," putting all 20 years of her experience into the book, took one giant leap into comedy, and has never looked back. Using her previous job skills she also does motivational humor speaking for large corporations, including in her presentation "the scientific effect of humor on the human psyche."

In 2009 Julia, at the insistence of some friends, entered a toastmaster stand-up comedy contest and won. It was at that point that "I fell in love with making people laugh." She had been bitten by the comedy bug. By 2011 she had performed in a few small comedy clubs and the thrill of the laugh had not dimmed. Using material from life experiences, her "highly dysfunctional childhood" and daily interactions Julia brings the comedy right into your life. Its a been-there-done-that reality check that will have you busting up laughing. Her husband Eric pitches in a few thoughts a long the way and supports her every step, "I have foudn my soul mate."

With 6 kids between the two of them and 11 grand children - one more on the way, "we work at Toys R Us during the winter months to pay off our tab."

To see Julia Fretweel and Bruce Baum, stop by the Sports Pub on Copper Cove Drive Friday 8-24-12. There is no cover cost and the show begins at 8:30 pm.