Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Murder Mystery Dinner at the Pub a redneck whodunit with a twist

On Saturday night August 18, 2012 the Sports Pub hosted yet another murder mystery dinner, this time it was a honky tonk homicide or a redneck murder mystery. The goal of the evening, besides to have fun, was to try to figure out just which resident or passer by of Copper's own Bubba's Bar could have the means, motive and opportunity to kill Bubba!

The cast included questionable Carny Folk,  Rowdy Lawless a bad girl biker, Reverend Jim Bob Eternity preachin' loud to cover his mistakes, Crystalline Daniels the promiscuous bar maid, Twyla Fleetwood the trailer park queen, Mary Kay Eternity the reverend's wife hiding a dirty dark secret, Dusty Diamond a Nashville singer hopeful with a hidden love, and Sheriff Sissy Wesson the law in these parts with a penchant for bad boys and handcuffs. All had reason to want Bubba gone, but only one was bold enough to pull the trigger.

If you missed this mystery dinner, the Sports Pub will be hosting another one in February, and this one...if it doesn't kill you it may just break your heart.

 Ken and Annie Osteen as the Carney Folk
 Jimmy and Corky Valencia as Reverend Jim Bob Eternity and Twyla Fleetwood
 Charity Maness as Sheriff Sissy Wesson and Stacey Nolan as bad girl Rowdy Lawless
 Iris Larson as Mary Kay Eternity
Tori Malforte as Crystalline Daniels pictured with her husband Josh.

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