Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ramsey Fire Update reduced to 1000 acres 30% contained

Update 8-16-12 9 am;

Total Personnel379
Size1,150 acres
Percent Contained30%



Current Situation

Total Personnel379
Size1,000 acres
Percent Contained30%
Fuels InvolvedMixed conifer, duff and understory
Fire BehaviorModerate to high spread upslope with occasional short runs toward Hwy. 4, Single and group torching, multiple spots across Hwy 4 in Divisions B and C. The fire is crawling through ground in rocky areas and is not generally moving through the crown of trees.



Planned ActionsContinue line construction with the support of Aerial resources all Div. Continue with contingency lines on Division A and Y. Prepare for firing operation in Div A to address line construction safety issues. Support lines on Div A and Y with hose lays for crew safety.
Growth PotentialMedium
Terrain DifficultySteep river canyon and high temperatures make this very difficult terrain.
RemarksPre-evacuation of residents along Highway 4, Big Meadow Campground, Sand Flat, and Camp Wolfboro continue in Div B. The shortage of needed resources stall affect suppression capabilities on the Ramsey Incident. Fire continues to burn actively during the heat of the day, producing up-hill runs and group torching. Steep terrain, heavy fuels, and large number of snags have halted direct line construction and night shifts on Div A and Z.