Monday, August 20, 2012

New Owners of Snaps Show Copper a good time

At the Snaps 8-17-12 wine tasting featuring Chatom Vineyards, new owners Keri and Steve Apodaca showed Copper they know how to not only carry on the tradition of a great wine tasting event, but added their own flair creating a fun and light hearted cocktail party atmosphere.

Guitarist Danny Burton was accompanied by fellow Copper Holdings Company band members Norm Walton on guitar and Eddy Pendergrass on drums. One creative drum solo included the surrounding tables and walls...putting a little Broadway Stomp into the routine.
 Keri and Steve Apodaca

 Eddy Pendergrass

 Wendy from Chatom Vineyards

 Randy Bresee...on the other side of the bar:)

Chatom was highlighting their 2010 Semillon, 2010 Chardonay, 2009 Cuvee, 2008 Syrah and 2007 Esmeralda Syrah. All were a big hit.
Soon the Apodaca's anticipate a grand opening showcasing all of the new dishes they are creating and their new ideas to make your mornings great!