Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Letter to the Editor - How Do Your Spell Nonpartisan? by Bob Reagan

            I wish the Calaveras Republican Party hadn’t injected partisan politics into the races for Superior Court Judge and other nonpartisan races.  I think it is really inappropriate, and I would feel the same if the Democrats had done likewise, which they haven’t.
            Party affiliations can be important in national and statewide races like President, Governor, and members of the legislator, but they have no place in our elections.  That’s why our local positions are labeled nonpartisan.
            Calaveras County office holders are seldom called upon to vote on the bombing of Syria, Immigration issues, or the treatment of Ebola.
            In no place is being nonpartisan more important than in the election of a Superior Court Judge. There is no such thing as Republican law or Democrat law; there is just equal justice for all.  You certainly would not want a judge who is swayed by a plaintiff’s or a defendant’s political allegiance.  Everyone deserves fair and equitable treatment.
            Tim Healy and Dana Pfeil actively sought and now flaunt their Republican endorsements.  They either do not believe judges should be nonpartisan or they don’t care.
            In a recent letter to the editor, Cathy Mason, Membership Chair of the Calaveras County Republican Party, wrote that to receive the party’s endorsement “the candidates have been interviewed and have proven that they meet our basic criteria.”  An interesting statement since they never interviewed Judge Hugh Swift, or Commissioner Grant Barrett.  Maybe that’s because these two distinguished members of the Superior Court system are nonpartisan.
Bob Reagan