Monday, October 27, 2014

Sheriff Dept Press release re:No on Proposition 47

To All Californians:
With the General Election less than two weeks away we, the
undersigned, urge you to vote NO on Proposition 47. As sheriffs, we
can tell you that this measure threatens the safety of our communities
and puts our families at risk.
Despite being referred to as the “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools
Act,” this measure will actually make our neighborhoods and schools
less safe. Reducing the penalties for many serious crimes like gun
theft, possession of date rape drugs, and identity fraud will lead to
more crime and more criminals in our neighborhoods.
Every sheriff in this state took an oath to protect the people and the
public safety. If Proposition 47 passes, our ability to protect our
communities will be impaired. Dumping thousands of prisoners onto
our streets can only make our problems worse.
Proposition 47 is a collection of bad ideas. Supporters will tell you
that this measure only affects petty criminals. The reality is, low level
criminals rarely go to prison; the people let out will have
dangerous criminal histories.
Sheriffs of the State of California respectfully ask that you stand with
law enforcement, crime victims, the business community, and your
local governments in opposition to Proposition 47. Please vote NO.
Organization Founded by the Sheriffs in 1894
California State Sheriffs’ Association
n102214 For full details, view this message on the web.

Adam E. Christianson
Sheriff, Stanislaus County
1st Vice President
Martin Ryan
Sheriff, Amador County
2nd Vice President
Donny Youngblood
Sheriff, Kern County
Bill Brown
Sheriff, Santa Barbara County
Steve Moore
Sheriff, San Joaquin County
David Livingston
Sheriff, Contra Costa County
Immediate Past President
Gregory J. Ahern
Sheriff, Alameda County
Tom Bosenko
Sheriff, Shasta County
Geoff Dean
Sheriff, Ventura County
Mike Downey
Sheriff, Humboldt County
Steve Durfor
Sheriff, Yuba County
Tom Ferrara
Sheriff, Solano County
Steve Freitas
Sheriff, Sonoma County
Dean Growdon
Sheriff, Lassen County
Sandra Hutchens
Sheriff, Orange County
Margaret Mims
Sheriff, Fresno County
Ian Parkinson
Sheriff, San Luis Obispo County
Ed Prieto
Sheriff, Yolo County
David Robinson
Sheriff, Kings County
Presidents’ Counsel
Ed Bonner
Sheriff, Placer County
Robert Doyle
Sheriff, Marin County
Keith Royal
Sheriff, Nevada County
Laurie Smith
Sheriff, Santa Clara County
M. Carmen Green
Chief Operations Officer
Nick Warner
Policy Director
Martin J. Mayer
General Counsel