Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lake Tulloch Lions support our Scouts

The Lake Tulloch Lions, known for their generosity to our community, just recently 'adopted' the three scout troops in Copperopolis. Cub Scout Pack 347, Girl Scout Troop 2026, and Girl Scout Troop 1777.

Ken Gutman, President of the Lake Tulloch Lions felt that "since the community trusts us to administer the monies collected from the community we wanted to adopt, among our many other community outreach programs, the scouts to give back to the kids." He pointed out that the Lions wanted to adopt the Boy Scout Troop but there were not enough boys for a troop this year, yet are committed to supporting them when they form.

The scouts hope to use the funds for flags, banners, books, starter kits and more. "We hope this helps them function as a group...with pride." Said Gutman.

"We are very grateful and excited. We are able to help some of the boys put together uniforms now and we are ordering a banner. Hopefully it will be done before the Veterans Day Parade. It will say sponsored by the Lake Tulloch Lions." Said  Heather Oliver the committee chairman of cub scout pack 347. Heather's husband, Doug, is the cub master.

 L to R:
Heather Oliver Pack 347, Ken Gutman Lions Club, Rebecca Johnson Pack 347 and troop 2026, Crystal Molina troop 1777, and Nikki Lusk troop 1777.