Thursday, October 23, 2014

Letter to the Editor re: Allegations against Tim Healy are unwarranted from Tom Cole

I’m amazed at the completely unwarranted “piling on” of false allegations against Tim Healy, because he dared to correctly point out his opponent’s weaknesses!
Contrary to allegations from Hugh Swift’s ex-wife (Kristy Slocum), Tim Healy has made no false or misleading statements about his opponent!  Just visit Swift’s own website. Healy is telling the truth! Healy did not “imply” his opponent has no college education he simply stated that Swift’s job description as Court Executive Officer, when he was “appointed” by Jerry Brown, did not require a four year college degree – which it doesn’t!  And everyone already knows aspiring lawyers cannot even be admitted to the bar without appropriate credentials. Furthermore it was not necessary to mention what Swift is doing now, because he advertises it in all of his campaign materials.

The most outrageous and unbelievably shameless of all ironies was during Swift’s interview by the Copper Gazette on Oct 16th for “What is your greatest strength?” Swift blatantly exaggerates his credentials, and thereby violates the Judicial Ethics Code by saying: “I am the only candidate with experience in Civil and Family Law.” He says this despite knowing that Healy himself is the Head of the San Joaquin County Child Abduction Unit and practices Family, Civil and International Law! Most important, Swift KNEW this and has known it since Healy announced his candidacy months ago!!
Is this really what we want from a JUDGE who, in listing his “greatest strengths” so openly misrepresents his qualifications?!! How can we then believe Swift to have any integrity or expect him to be Fair and Impartial with us?!? 
Join me in voting for true Courtroom Experience Practicing Law! That’s TIM HEALY!!
   Tom Cole