Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Letter to the Editor re: Judge Hugh Swift supports our local veterans

While I read over the qualifications of the candidates for Superior Court Judge Dept Two, I noticed one important piece of information missing from Judge Hugh Swifts exemplary list; that of Veteran supporter.

Hopefully many of you have heard of the formation of a Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) in Calaveras County. What you may not know is that Judge Swift has been a proponent of this court since its infancy; long before his appointment.

I had the honor of attending the early VTC meetings where I witnessed firsthand the sincere interest Judge Swift had for helping veterans in crisis. 

Judge Swift has taken it upon himself to attend, with other core team members, a VTC in San Mateo County where he was present in chambers with Judge Grandsaert. 

He has communicated with multiple judges in other counties with regards to how they run their VTC’s. 

He has thoroughly researched the penal codes that apply to those who stand before him with prior military service so that they may receive the representation they deserve.

He is actively seeking avenues for treatment for veterans locally.

Judge Hugh Swift supports our veterans.

Veterans, I ask you to support Judge Hugh Swift.


Al Gilbert
Vietnam Veteran