Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Letter to the Editor re: Vote Courtroom Experience from Gene and Shellie Cervantes

As local business owners in Murphys and Victim Advocates for Citizens Against Homicide, we endorse Tim Healy for Superior Court Judge in Department 2.  Tim is the only candidate for Department 2, who has practiced law in the courtroom within the past 15 years.  He is the only candidate for Department 2, who has EVER practiced criminal law in the courtroom.  Experience is so important when considering who to vote for Superior Court Judge in this year's election. You want the candidate who has the most experience practicing law in the courtroom. Judges run the courtroom, not the courthouse. Tim’s opponent spent 13 years in private practice and was the attorney of record in over 100 cases.  In contrast, in 14 years as a criminal prosecutor, Tim has been lead prosecutor in over 1000 cases and was assistant prosecutor in over 30,000 more! Tim’s experience practicing law in the courtroom is truly extensive and clearly unmatched by his opponent!

Tim’s opponent was hired for us by Democratic Governor Jerry Brown. Prior to Jerry Brown setting him up as judge, his opponent was employed as a Court Executive Officer (CEO).  A CEO is a non-judicial, non-legal position that does not require a law degree or even a 4-year college degree. A CEO job has nothing to do with the law, only the operation of the courthouse.  As residents of Calaveras County, we do not believe Governor Jerry Brown should be making political and clearly partisan appointments for judge.  We have confidence in Tim Healy and believe him to be the most qualified candidate for Judge in Department 2.  Join us in voting for Tim Healy for our next Superior Court Judge in Department 2. 

Gene and Shellie Cervantes
Murphys Dollar Store

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