Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dave Haley addressed CCLTOA homeowners re: lot line adjustment for roundabout at Little John and Copper Cove

On 10-16-14, at the request of the county planning dept and the CCLTOA Board, Dave Haley, a representative of Castle and Cooke, presented a roundabout intersection scenario explaining the need for the previous request of a lot line adjustment for the parcel on the corner lot at Little John and Copper Cove.

The roundabout, originally submitted to the County on 7-5-12, will be located at the Little John/Copper Cove intersection for the purpose of creating a flow of traffic that "keeps the country atmosphere" said Haley.

The roundabout would be in conjunction with the new main entrance to Saddle Creek at the same location, previously the entrance to the old Walkin' On Ranch.

On 9-16-14 and 9-18-14 respectively, the CCLTOA Board held a study session and a meeting prior to the 10-16-14 presentation and voted 4-0 to not approve the lot line adjustment due to improper and/or incomplete filing by Haley.

Currently there are entitled developments along Little John that will impact the flow of traffic. Due to the potential growth 4 roundabouts were submitted to the county. One at Copper Cove and Little John, one at Little John and Oak Canyon Ranch and two at Sawmill and Little John. This does not include the 5 roundabouts within the subdivisions of Oak Canyon Ranch, Vineyard Estates, Copper Valley Ranch and Tuscany Hills.

Future improvements are to include signal lights at Little John extension and 4, 4 and Main, 4 and a new Little John connection between Hodson and Horseshoe, as well as LIttel John Road becoming 4 lanes to main entrance of Saddle Creek.

As an added note, on 5-14-13 the General Plan hearing authorized Copperopolis population increase analysis of 20,000 by 2035. This would include 3 schools and a Parks n Rec. 

Updated 10-24-14