Friday, October 3, 2014

Winning Ways Advice Column by Marge Powers

Stop Settling for Less and Upgrade Your Life!

Welcome to the next ‘New thought of the Week and Upgrade Your Life’ Series.  This 12 week series will give you valuable ‘New Thought’ Information and Advice that will help you learn how to enjoy the Holidays that are fast approaching.  We hope our advice will open you up to a new way of celebrating them.

Ah yes, the Holidays, they’re supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, and as you know they can have a way of turning into a very stressful time.  The holiday season can often bring unwelcome guests, an overwhelming array of demands, parties, shopping, baking, cleaning, socializing and entertaining to name just a few. Or perhaps you may be spending the Holidays alone and are feeling a little lonely or depressed.  But whatever the source of your angst; family dynamics, financing, lack of self-confidence, or painful memories, etc…you are certainly not alone and there ARE solutions.

Therefore, I’ve devised some simple and practical tips and fixes that are included in this 12 week series so you can learn how to minimize all the stress that accompanies the holiday celebrations.  You may even end up enjoying them more than you thought you could.  J

Bottom Line:  In writing out this series, I’m simply shedding some light on some common habits that can make all the difference for you during the Holidays.  A great deal of human happiness is due to Intentional Activity.  It is possible for us to significantly increase our happiness simply by altering what we choose to do every day.  And usually much of what we do, we do on autopilot based on our thinking, beliefs, and habits

So, why not try these ideas and suggestions to remind you that people who want to be happy during the Holidays have incorporated this mindset into their thoughts and behavior the following:

They don’t get caught up in other people’s drama - #1 Series

Never, ever create unnecessary drama, and don’t put up with those who draw drama their way.   The happiest people I’ve ever met care less about what people say about them, especially if their remarks are critical or rude.  In fact, happy people are often thankful for all the obnoxious and difficult people they meet in life because these people serve as important reminders of how Not to be.  They simply smile and walk the other way.  I challenge you to follow in their footsteps, especially during the busy holidays.

They give to others whenever they are able 

While Christmas giving is considered an unselfish act (and it is), giving can also be more beneficial for the giver than the receiver.  In many cases, providing social support can actually more beneficial to your happiness than receiving it.  Happy people know this, which is precisely why they are always looking for ways to help others, while unhappy people stand around asking, “What’s in it for me?”

Magic Morsel Tips:   Remember to reach out to others—if you feel lonely or isolated, seek out community, religious or other social events.  Think of inviting over a few coworkers or neighbors for drinks or a dinner party.  They will offer support and companionship during these busy times.  This is a good way to lift your spirits and broaden your friendships.


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