Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Letter to the Editor - Remember the Rate increase by Sandy McHale

Remember the Rate Increase!

A little over a year ago, we were trying to convince CCWD customers to send in letters protesting the proposed rate increase.  We did well, but not well enough to prevent it from happening.  However, enough irate customers showed up at the rate increase board meeting to pressure the directors to cut back the increase from five years to three.  A small group of us stayed in email contact in the hopes of being able to do something more about what we saw as poor management.  Since the terms of four of the five directors were about to end this year, we felt that we had qualified individuals within our ranks who could run for CCWD director and become a voice for all of us who were against the rate increase. 

This is where we again are asking your help.  We need you to vote for the candidates who think along the lines of reining in the spending.  Yes, there are projects that need to be done, but there is also some waste that can be cut – by those willing to devote their time to doing the right thing.  Please cast your vote on Nov. 4, or on your mail-in ballot, for the following candidate for CCWD director in your district:

District 1: Mike Dell’Orto
District 2: Paul Stein
District 3: Bertha Underhill
District 4: Dennis Mills
Sandy McHale