Monday, October 13, 2014

Letter to the Editor re: Judicial Campaign in Calaveras County by Tricia Slavik

Call me naive, but I am one of those people who believe everyone is inherently good and honest and would certainly expect a candidate for judge to have the highest integrity. I am dumbfounded about what I have been reading about Tim Healy's tactics against his opponent, Judge Swift.  I don't like the ugliness of politics and am still trying to figure out why judges are elected officials. It seems to me that judges should be the most qualified person for the job. But. alas that is not how it works. 
However, from what I have read about the vetting process, Judge Swift was chosen from many applicants as the most qualified candidate by an independent panel. Why didn't Tim Healy apply for the position?  More importantly why is he presenting himself as a mud-slinging candidate?  His recent paid advertisement is full of omissions and flat out mis-truths. He failed to mention that Judge Swift has 13 years of courtroom experience. Healy failed to mention that he has no experience in family or civil law, which constitutes almost 70% of the work of the court. He has never set foot in a Calaveras County courtroom.
His decisions and actions within his campaign seem to lack good judgment, integrity and fairness.  Which are the three qualities I insist any judge possess and suspect you would too. 
Tricia Slavik - Murphys, CA