Monday, October 20, 2014

Letter to the Editor re: Celebration of Life for Medal of Honor recipient SMG Jon R. Cavaiani

The Elks Lodge in Sonora hosted a Celebration of Life for SMG Jon R Cavaiani yesterday. I’m proud to have been there to express my personal respect for a national hero that that made his home here in Columbia with this wife Barbara. I met members of the extended family and it was good to see that, though the lodge was not at capacity as I’d hoped, there was a significant turn out of friends, service buddies, veterans and many of those that Jon had assisted in his years of volunteer public service.

Representative Tom McClintock attended the service but did not address the crowd. I was pleased that he made the effort to travel from Sacramento just to shake hands with Jon’s brother and express his condolences to the family. In my view it was a great expression of our nation’s gratitude for the Uncommon Valor, Above and Beyond the Call of Duty that Congressional Medal of Honor recipients have provided in defense of our Constitutional freedoms.

In operations with his Special Forces Team in Vietnam, Jon displayed his willingness to risk all for his country, the men of his team and the ARVIN Rangers he fought beside. Upon his return home he became a friend to all Veterans, a respected member of our community and unfailingly stopped whatever he was doing to assist a person in need.

Bill Lewis
Sonora, CA

 Courtesy photo