Friday, October 10, 2014

Judge Hugh Swift for Superior Court Judge Dept 2


  •   Superior Court Judge who currently hears criminal, civil, family law, probate, traffic and domestic violence cases

  •   As a Judge and Commissioner has presided over thousands of hearings, including criminal jury trials, civil, family law and probate court trials.

  •   13 years’ experience as an attorney in private practice before moving to Angels Camp in 1999– Represented clients before juries and the court.

  •   Only candidate who has significant experience in civil, family law and probate cases.


  •   Only candidate whose qualifications and background thoroughly evaluated by the independent Judicial Nominees Evaluation Commission  prior to appointment as Superior Court Judge.  .

  •   Endorsed by more than 20 Superior Court Judges, including Judge John Martin (Presiding Judge Calaveras Superior Court) and Judge Douglas Mewhinney (Retired, Calaveras Superior Court)


  •   Firmly committed to the principle judges must adhere to the Rule of Law and cannot be influenced by political interests or popular sentiment.

I have observed Judge Swift preside over criminal and traffic calendars.  He has presided over felony and misdemeanor jury trials ... he has handled all these cases with impartiality, fairness and knowledge of the law.  His breadth of experience is indispensable in a two-judge court.”

Hon. Douglas Mewhinney, Judge  (Ret.)

Calaveras County is fortunate to have someone on the bench with the experience, independence, intelligence, and judicial temperament of Hugh Swift.”

Hon. John Martin, Presiding Judge, Calaveras County Superior Court Judge