Thursday, October 16, 2014

BOS votes 5-0 in favor of Calaveras Country Club Specific Plan (Saddle Creek) extension

Agenda item 13 on the Board of Supervisors 10-14-14 agenda stated: The Planning Commission recommends that the Board of Supervisors find that the project is exempt from CEQA under Government Code Section 65457 and pass a motion authorizing the Chair to sign an Ordinance extending the expiration of the Calaveras Country Club Specific Plan (Saddle Creek) Development Agreement for a period of five years, to June 13, 2019.

The ordinance passed 5-0. 

Dave Haley, of Castle and Cooke addressed the Board explaining the request due to an "8 year serious economic downfall" yet pointing out that during that time Saddle Creek saw "50% of lots developed, which is beneficial to our County."

Local resident Jane Everett questioned whether this action included information or possible inclusion of the rumored 2nd access and egress planned on Copper Cove Drive and Little John Road and the question of whether a 'roundabout' to access Saddle Creek would be imminent.

Haley said he would address this issue with the homeowners association at their 10-16-14 Board meeting.

Supervisor Ponte asked if this issue would also be coming before the Board. Haley confirmed that it would.

The CCLTOA Board meeting to address the potential 2nd access and egress to Saddle Creek at Copper Cove and Little John, will be held at Black Creek Park at 6 pm on 10-16-14.

For full ordinance CLICK HERE