Monday, June 11, 2012

CFPD Board meeting 6-14-12


             PUBLIC MEETING  AGENDA     June 14,  2012     6:30  P M  CLOSED SESSION TO FOLLOW

1.  Open Public Meeting
2.  Roll Call of Directors
3.  Approval of Agenda   This is the time for any Director to ask that an item be considered in a different order than listed below.  New items cannot be added to this agenda for deliberation or action, but may be added to the agenda of a future meeting pursuant to Item # 10 below                        ( Identification of Items for Future Meetings).   
4.  Approval of Minutes   Minutes of the Public Meeting of May 10, 2012, minutes of the Public Meeting of May 24, 2012, and, minutes of the Closed Session May 24, 2012.                                                                                     
 5.   Correspondence
 6 .   Public Comments  This is the time and place for the general public to address the Board of Directors regarding items on this agenda.  Members of the public wishing to address the Board of Directors regarding items not on the agenda for this meeting may do so as long as the subject matter is within jurisdiction of the Board of Directors (Government Code section 54954.3 (a)).  Comments are limited to five minutes per individual and five minutes for speakers representing an organization.  This time limit may be extended at the discretion of the Chair.(Government Code section 54954.(b) ) 
 7.   Staff Reports
            Item 7-A     Chief Millar                                                                                                                                              1.  Monthly Activity Reports                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             2.  Review of Financial Reports                                                                                                                                                                        
            Item 7-B    Copperopolis Professional Firefighters Association
            Item 7-C    Copperopolis Volunteer Fire Association                                                                                                          
8.  Old Business   
            Item 8-A     Preliminary Budget 2012-2013.  (Millar)  
            Item 8-B     Open position of Chief of C F P D.  (Millar) 
9.   New Business    
            Item 9-A     Rental of Training Room to outside entities.  (Millar)
            Item 9-B     Uniforms for Interns.  (Marks)  
10.  Adjournment  of  Public Meeting to Conduct Closed Session.
11.  Closed Session
            Item 8-A      PUBLIC EMPLOYEE APPOINTMENT                                                                                                                                   Title:  Fire Chief
12.   Return to Open Session
             Report of Action Taken in Closed Session.
13.   Identification of Items for Future Meetings  This is the time for Board Members to identify the items that they wish to be considered at future meetings.  These items will not be discussed at this meeting, but will be included on the agenda for a future meeting so that proper notice can be made to the public.  This is also the time for scheduling board workshops and / or special meetings.  Agenda items may be added by Board Members prior to posting time of the agenda.
14.   Adjournment


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