Friday, June 29, 2012

California voters show abysmal turnout in June

While the turnout in Calaveras County for the June elections ranging in the low 40% area according to political analyst Scott Lay the turnout for the state was much lower, abysmally so. Why talk about June elections? Because Counties have until next week to finalize their election reports.

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by Scott Lay....
"The biggest surprise in June was not on any individual race, but rather on the abysmally low turnout. While counties have until next week to finalize their election reports and some (Placer and Sonoma) have not reported since election night, the total number of voters will likely be around 5.3 million. This is just about 31% of the electorate.

You'd actually have to go back to 1956 to find a presidential primary when a fewer voters participated, and there were only 6.4 million registered voters compared to the 17.1 million today."

Scotts prediction for the Presidential primaries:
" I would predict that turnout will range between the eight-cycle average of 23.3% and the eight-cycle high of 31.7%, or turnout of 54%-62%. Turnout will be driven to a higher range of the eight-cycle differential by Paycheck Protection/Deception and taxes. However, if this is correct, that would still be a 30-year low for a presidential general election."

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