Friday, June 22, 2012

Gearing up for the BUMP V party at the resort

Each year the Lake Tulloch Resort hosts a summertime party titled the BUMP. This year marks the fifth annual BUMP party. The party begins at 12 noon on the 23rd and runs to 2 am the 24th. Advertised as an all age event the event brings in people and boats from all over the valley and the foothills. It also brings in money that the resort reportedly needs to meet operating costs. Each year extra personnel are put on staff at the Sheriff Department and the Copperopolis Fire Department for this event.

Currently, manager/owner Bernadette Cattaneo carries multiple permits and licenses for the resort including permitted use. A conditional use permit was not applied for with the county planning department which would allow emergency response agencies a voice in the permitting process and a possibility of recouping the funds necessary to carry the extra staff for sufficient coverage of the event and the town. According to Planning Director Rebecca Willis, the resort has applied for many different permits over the years for different events and land uses. This has caused a large amount of paperwork "that needs to be reviewed."

According to Captain Jim Macedo of the Calaveras County Sheriff Department, there will be "extra staff on land and water. The Sheriff and resort have a contract for costs of LE services."  Currently there an agenda item on the BOS June 26, 2012 meeting.
21. Adopt a MINUTE ORDER approving Reimbursable Services Agreement between
Calaveras County Sheriffs Office and Lake Tulloch Resort for the period of June 9, 2012
through April 1, 2013, with three option years; Sheriff- Board action:

CFPD Chief Millar stated, "We have not added any additional staff for this event, but we are checking to see if we have any volunteers who are interested in providing additional engine coverage." According to CFPD Chief Millar 1 medic incident was reported at BUMP in 2011.

In 2011, 11 law enforcement incidents were reported in the area of Lake Tulloch during BUMP IV.
CHP reported 5 arrests for drunk driving
Sheriff Dept reported 2 arrests for possession and 1 for vandalism
In addition the Sheriff Department reported 8 incidents directly related to the Lake Tulloch Resort BUMP party:
6 public intoxication, 1 resisting arrest, and 1 defrauding an innkeeper.

Article updated 6:10 pm 6-22-12 to include BOS agenda item  #21