Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lake Tulloch Boat Parade TONIGHT!!! 6-30-12

Decorate your boat with lights of red, white and blue and join the July 4th parade on Lake Tulloch!
Since July 4th lands on a Wednesday this year, Copperopolis will have their annual boat parade a bit early. The lighted boat parade will be held Saturday June 30, 2012, starting at the south shore as soon as the sun goes down and winding throughout Lake Tulloch. There will be no judging of boats. No registration, just show up, get in line and have lots of fun. The parade route will travel the whole lake, so anyone can join in at anytime. The parade will take approximately 2 1/2 hours from start to finish. (An additional lighted boat parade will also be held Wednesday July 4, 2012.)

A representative from CCLTOA invites Copper cover members and their guest's to enjoy the parade from the Kiva. Reminding members that they should request 24 hr access so that they can open the gate after 9 as normal access clickers only open the gate until 9.

The route is as follows:
'Boats will line up at the south shore marina and follow the shoreline going past Black jack bluffs towards green springs, turns in front of the resort and heads back along the poker flats shoreline and past Calypso boat and Conner estates, Into peninsula and turns around in black creek and then heads past copper cove and back towards south shore.'