Friday, June 22, 2012

Baby born at Fire Station turns One

Little 1 year old Riley Marie Contreras brought her brithday cake to the CFPD station to celebrate her first birthday with one of the firefighters that brought her into the world, Keith Cantrell.

One year ago Riley's mother, Allison Contreras and her husband Richard were on the way to the hospital from Diamond XX when Allison knew she would not make it to the hospital. Richard stopped at the fire station waking a sleeping -then Chief- Keith Cantrell. Cantrell quickly notified CalFire paramedic Lisa Fender. Soon thereafter little Riley Marie was brought into the world, right there at CFPD station #1. Allison to this day states that it was an amazing day, both embarrassing because she knew most of the firefighters from working the deli booth at McCartys, but also moving as both Keith and Lisa made what could have been a dangerous and difficult situtaion safe and secure. "They are my daughter's heroes."

Allison also brought a birthday cake to paramedic Lisa Fender to celebrate Riley's 1st birthday. Lisa was able to unwrap Riley's umbilical cord from around her neck as she came into the world. Lisa was called to the hospital, after the couple had safely delivered Riley and driven to the hospital, to sign the birth certificate.

Pictured: Riley, Allison, big sister Kaitlyn, and Captain Cantrell

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