Friday, September 12, 2014

Two AmeriCorps Veteran positions available in Calaveras - APPLY SOON IF INTERESTED

Calaveras County Veteran Services is currently recruiting two part time or full time Veteran AmeriCorps volunteer stipend positions as part of a Strength to Serve program. These positions start in October, 2014 through September 2015.

This is an opportunity for Veterans in our community to serve for one year in a volunteer position that supports other fellow Veterans, along with their families in Calaveras  County. Responsibilities will include providing peer counseling, transportation and resourcing to isolated Veterans.

These positions are neither a job nor employment. AmeriCorps is a national service position with a living allowance and benefits that include an education award at the end of the year ($5,730 for full time, and $2907.50 for part time), health insurance, and childcare if needed. If the AmeriCorps is retired and not interested in going back to school – they are able to transfer the education award to their children and/or grandchildren for college expenses.

A living allowance is paid semi-monthly over the 11 month service term, and includes $550.00 per pay period for full time, and $181.82 for part time per pay period.

If interested and you have some questions – don’t hesitate to call Donna Shadden, Veteran Services, at 209 754-6443, or e-mail Donna at