Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Letter to the Editor re: campaign signs - from Lisa Boltzen

Dear Editor,

As a daily commuter to the central valley, I enjoy my daily drive along Little John Road. I have always admired the prominent rock formation that  juts out from the curved section along Little John Road. Every spring I look forward to seeing the display of golden poppies growing from atop of this rock formation. I have proudly boasted to my  friends of how in the 12 years that I have resided in Copperopolis, this rock formation has never been tagged or marked with graffiti.
To my disappointment, that was true, until this past weekend when I drove by I saw a "Russ Thomas for CCWD" campaign sign placed at the top of the rock formation. The location of his campaign sign is taking away from the natural features that beautify our community. I hope that this signage does not encourage others to climb atop the rock formation to mark or tag it with graffiti too. This rock formation should not be used as a campaign forum. I'm sure there must be others in the community that agree that the location of the campaign sign is inappropriate.
There are more acceptable areas to place campaign signs within our community.


Lisa Boltzen