Friday, September 5, 2014

Judge Hugh Swift for Superior Court Judge Dept 2

 I am honored to serve the people of Calaveras County as a Superior Court judge. Every day I have the privilege and responsibility to make decisions that impact the lives of the parties, their families and this community.

I take this responsibility very seriously, always mindful that each person who appears before me deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Every party is entitled to know I decided his or her case impartially, relying solely on the law and the facts presented. For many people, it is their first, and possibly their only, experience in court. Therefore, it is important to me that people feel I listened to them, considered the unique facts of each case and my ruling was impartial and well-reasoned.
Over the course of my career, I have been an attorney in private practice, a court research attorney, a court executive officer and a child support commissioner. This diverse background serves me well as a judge in our county, where I am called upon to hear a variety of different types of cases each week.
As an attorney in private practice and for the court, I learned the importance of well-reasoned and objective legal analysis. As court executive officer, I learned access to justice requires court procedures that are understandable, fair and designed to protect each party’s right to their “day in court”. As a child support commissioner, who heard cases involving families and children, I realized the significant impact my decisions had on the parties who appeared before me.

I believe a fair, unbiased and transparent process is not only important to the people who appear before me, but also to the integrity of the legal system, which is based upon the principle of equal justice for all. For our democracy to function as intended, the public must feel confident that judges respect the law and will apply it fairly, regardless of personal or political consequences.

The citizens of Calaveras County expect and deserve nothing less than judges committed to safeguarding the right to equal access and treatment before the court. As judge I am committed to serve with integrity and humility. I pledge to work diligently, to apply the law fairly and to be patient and respectful to those who appear before me.

I respectfully ask for your support in the November 4, 2014 general election for Superior Court Judge, Department Two – the seat that I currently hold.

Judge Hugh Swift