Thursday, September 18, 2014


During the warm evening hours on September 3rd Copper Community Garden volunteers met to plan a fall planting schedule.

The first thing to be noted was our great communicator - volunteer - irrigation manager and friend, George Chimiklis had moved to Stockton. He will be vastly missed here as he was the glue that kept us together and on task in addition to communicating to all about activities in the garden. We miss your daily presence George.

This fall we hope to accomplish the following tasks:

• 1. Plant two lettuce beds.
• 2. Move the strawberry bed.
• 3. Plant peas along the North fence.
• 4. Plant cover crops in the tomato rows.
• 5. Plant a row of winter greens.
• 6. Do the onion project.

The Onion Project

Over the past 2 years, the Community Garden has enjoyed great success in growing more than three thousand onions and distributing them to families in Copperopolis through the Food Pantry.

For those in the community who have interest - we start by buying onion seed and grow our own 'starts'. These are transplanted into two of the raised beds for maturing. When they've reached a good size, we prepare the rows, and have "Onion Planting Parties": Simply make a small hole, insert the onion plant and pat it nice and snug.

We know there are many in our community who only need to be asked to help, so here is our ask - if you would like to help:
* germinate the seed,
* transplant into the raised bed (sore backs need not worry, the beds are 2 feet high!)
* help prepare the rows for planting (around Nov)
* join in the Onion Planting Party

You need only stop by on a Saturday morning or give me a call.

We will be expanding our volunteer base this fall and winter. It would be good to have persons, families and groups take on specific tasks in the garden.

If you know of a student who needs a Senior Project, please advise us about that. We are working in the garden every Saturday morning from 8:00 until 10:30. Come see us. You also may contact me at 785-1808 to discuss issues and ideas. Thank you to all of the volunteers who make the community garden grow.

Richard DeBusman and the Community Garden Volunteers