Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Spellman re-launches campaign website as challengers make their moves

Early in November Rancho Calaveras resident Steve Kearney threw his hat in the ring for District 5 Supervisor running against incumbent Darren Spellman. By December, Valley Springs resident Marty Crane added her name to the roster of District 5 Supervisor hopefuls for the 2014 election.

In an odd twist of governmental might over the people Darren Spellman, elected by residents of Copperopolis, Valley Springs, Milton, and Jenny Lind as District 5 Supervisor in 2010, found himself by 2012 representing instead the residents of Valley Springs, Milton, Jenny Lind, Rancho Calaveras and a small section of Burson due to the redistricting/realignment of Calaveras County. At which time Debbie Ponte was elected as the representative of Copperopolis and Angels Camp which is now District 4.

In a letter to the Copper Gazette from District 5 Supervisor Darren Spellman he wrote: "I would like to thank the good people of Copperopolis for electing me in 2010 and remind them of my special promise to be their unofficial 2nd Supervisor who is aware of, and looking out for, their best interest when matters concerning them come before the Board. My sincere thanks for your vote of confidence and continued support as I pursue solutions that lead to a greater quality of life for the residents of our beautiful county. Sincerely Darren Spellman."

If you would like to view Spellman's site CLICK HERE