Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Surprise Grant for the Copperopolis Food Pantry

In late December the Copperopolis Community Food Pantry received a surprise grant of $5000 from the Calaveras Community Foundation (CCF) to support its services. It is part of a generous grant CCF received from the Federlein Family Fund of the San Francisco Foundation in memory of LLoyd Federlein. The grant to the Copper Pantry is specifically intended to support seniors in Copperopolis.
News of the grant was definitely a surprise to David and Lorraine Crawford, chair and co-chair of the Copper Pantry. "It's an honor to be chosen by the Calaveras Community Foundation to receive such a grant. We're excited about this opportunity to do more for our seniors. They really deserve a helping hand" said Lorraine.
The pantry board will meet in early January to plan how to best use the grant to benefit their senior clients. They plan to have something special for the seniors at the next food distribution on January 16