Thursday, December 26, 2013

Copper Kids LOVE Grandparents

Mrs. Handgis' and Mrs. Crawford's first grade classrooms at Copperopolis Elementary participated in the 'Adopt a Grandparent' program through local Mary Kay consultant Karen McLaughlin for the residents of Mark Twain Convalescent Hospital in San Andreas helping to bring a little Christmas cheer through gifts to those in residence at the home. 

The goal was for the classrooms to raise $50 ... but as Copper kids are known to do, they exceeded all expectations and raised  $161!! Due to the large amount of money raised the classrooms were able to adopt many grandparents!

Mrs. Handgis and Mrs. Crawford are very proud of their children's hard work and loving hearts! 

Thank you Mrs Handgis and Mrs Crawford, you are more than teachers, you are role models.

And thank you Copper Elementary First graders for sharing your love and making a difference.

Wanting to bring Christmas cheer to all 99 residents at Mark Twain Convalescent hospital Karen marketed her program throughout the Angels and Copper to businesses and friends alike. WIth the help of all who donated Karen will be able to provide a small gift basket/bag to each resident including Mary Kay lip balm, hand cream, cookies, candy and a card.