Monday, December 23, 2013

Lake Tulloch Tootsies bring Christmas cheer to 84 Copper Children

For the past 8 years, or more, the Lake Tulloch Tootsies have been hosting the Angel Tree in Umpqua Bank so that people in the community may anonymously 'adopt' a child in need in our community in the hopes of bringing a bit of love and Christmas cheer to the children 0-17 in our community who without this event may not have a Christmas.

Each angel hung on the tree has a child's age, their needs and their wants. Needs vary from child to child, but the simplicity of the lists are heart wrenching. Repeatedly the requests' list ask for such items as jackets, socks, shoes, sweaters and other basic items many of us take for granted. While one would think the wants list would reflect a more frivolous set of requests, these too are simple and sadly what many of us again take for granted; coloring books, soccer ball, bicycle, doll, toy car, etc.
There are criteria to be met for submitting a child to the Angel Tree; each family submitting a child must be a resident of Copperopolis and attending a Copperopolis school or a school in our district, the family must meet an income level equivalent to qualifying for the food pantry. With these guidelines in place, there were still 84 children in Copperopolis who qualified, and 84 children who will have a very Merry Christmas thanks to the Lake Tulloch Tootsies and the community.
 Left to right: Carol, Onie, Freda, Sandy, Lorraine - 5 of the 25 Tootsies involved in the Angel Tree program.

"The Tootsie Red Hats give the community thanks, for without you we couldn't do it." Said Tootsie Lorraine.
Apparently a few years back the Tootsies became overwhelmed with the undertaking of such a huge project and were considering throwing in the towel, until they saw the tears of joy on the faces of the mothers when they came to collect the gifts the community had donated for their children. "We knew we could not stop. We are making a happy Christmas for children who would otherwise not have one." Said Tootsie Carol.
The Tootsies wanted to, first and foremost, thank the community, yet also wanted to extend a thank you to:
Youngs Payless IGA for donating fresh fruits for the families.
Umpqua Bank for putting angels on their tree.
Century 21 or being a drop off point for gifts.
Jerrie and Bob Scarborough for allowing their home to be the storage, organization and wrapping location.
Blackcreek Park for allowing the use of the facility for distribution.
Olivia Garcia for organizing the event, again and again and again.
If you missed adopting an Angel from the tree this year, keep your eyes open for next year when the tree goes up right after Thanksgiving.

The following pictures are from the Angel Tree distribution site at Blackcreek park, by Dave Montini.