Monday, December 16, 2013

Foothill Village Veterans Honored with handmade teddy bears from Copperopolis VFW Post 12118

At a luncheon for Veterans on Veterans Day hosted by Foothill Village, 13 veterans in residence received handmade teddy bears from the VFW Post 12118 of Copperopolis. 
Each teddy bear was carefully made by the VFW Post 12118 Ladies Auxiliary from the material of uniforms corresponding to the service of each veteran.
The veterans receiving the teddy bears were: 
Roy Dillon – 1st Lieutenant, Army Air Corp
            Wes Ament – Major, Army Air Corp
            Ike Mayo – Air Force, Staff Sergeant
            John Budd – Navy, Seaman 2nd Class
            Ted Laskin – Navy, Seaman
Jack Dasch – Army, Field Artillery
Ray Nunes – Air Force and Navy, Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Persian Gulf
Kay Runkle – Navy, Wave Officer
Elmer Larsen – Navy, Air Corp
Dorothy Tarver – Navy, Supply 2nd Class
Dick Morris – Army
            Frank Eckles – Air Force
            Jim Welsh - Air Force    


 The teddy bear project continues with the VFW Post 12118 Ladies Auxiliary in the hopes of giving a little love to veterans in need, letting them and their families know they are loved.
 If you wish to donate your uniforms for this cause please contact the Copper Gazette via email at
Thank you.

Photos courtesy Foothill Village