Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Calaveras County Sheriff Gary Kuntz and Sheriff Captain Jim Macedo have promoted Betty Miner to the position of volunteer captain and Ed Anderson to volunteer lieutenant.  Also promoted to the rank of sergeant were Bob Fienberg and Ralph Carlascio.

Under the new structure, Captain Miner will administer the overall volunteer program and oversee coordination with the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department.  In addition, she will monitor the Board of Directors, conduct background checks on potential volunteers, over-see the volunteer unit’s secretary, treasurer and information officer.


Lieutenant Ed Anderson will supervise the unit’s patrol and event activities and organize training. As well, he is responsible for quartermaster supply needs.   His main activity will be to insure the sheriff substations and beat patrols run efficiently and maintain a regular schedule.

Both Captain Miner and Lieutenant Anderson will work together to maintain the essence of the job; patrolling, interactions with the public and preventing crime.

Captain Miner and Lieutenant Anderson stress the need for new uniformed volunteers.  Currently there is a need for volunteers at all sub-stations.  Any retired or semi-retired person interested in joining this unit is encouraged to visit one of the sheriff substations throughout the county or call (209)754-6500. The substations are located in Copperopolis, Valley Springs, Arnold, Mokelumne Hill and West Point.  Training is provided for new volunteers and background checks are made on all applicants.  Senior citizens welcome!

Each substation has an appointed sergeant.  They are: Copperopolis, Bob Fienberg, Valley Springs, Aurora Weatherby, Arnold, Ross Sheely, Mokelumne Hill and West Point, Ralph Carlascio.