Friday, March 14, 2014

To Dine or Not to Dine ...

This weeks restaurant Andy's Mountain Grill & Deli in Mi Wuk.

The majority of us have to admit to either heading to the high country in search of the all illusive snow, or perhaps to see for ourselves the incredibly scary lack of snow, but either way, we see dotted along the roadsides a greasy spoon ere and a greasy spoon there.

So I decided to take some of the mystery out of the greasy spoon hunt for you, taking a bullet for y'all - so to speak.

So in our quest for snow, or something akin to it (you know the fake stuff some of the slopes have resorted to), we headed up towards Dodge Ridge.

The new bypass allowed us to pass by many of the older more recognized greasy spoons, like the pinetree inn and that oh so yummy Chinese restaurant in the Sears center, but oh well, there were others to be discovered.

As we head into MiWuk Village, with many store fronts boarded up, a testament to the declining economy, we found one little diner open for business, Andy's Mountain Grill and Deli advertising espressos...aha...they speak my language!

Now upon entering we discover this is the most eclectic diner we have ever visited. It has model cars, lolli pops, wines, shirts, specialty beers by the dozen, and, oh yeah, diner style tables for, yup, you guessed it, dining!

We are seated quickly and served an amazing vanilla latte...hubby went for a sure thing, He was not as adventurous as I that day.

Now the menu was something a little odd, but enticing at the same time. Breakfast quesadilla's, french toast, biscuits and gravy, linguica and eggs, and this list goes on. Odd combinations but interestingly mouth watering at the same time.

I chose the breakfast quesadilla with ham, eggs and cheddar, hubby picked the linguica and eggs with biscuits and hash browns.
Waitress, "How would oyu like your eggs?"
Hubby, "Sunny side up."
Waitress, "Over easy, over hard, or over medium?" hehehe. Too funny.
Hubby, "Over easy." Said with a grin.

Food was served quickly and it was surprisingly pretty darn good. Not scrumptious, but definitely good.

Well as greasy spoons go, this one I will visit again. The food was just the right proportions, the grease was VERY minimal, the service friendly and the price was right. Plus if you don't think your meal is quite spicy enough they boast a full shelf of hot sauces and if they are found to be hot enough for you, you may want to ask for Andy's special hot sauce. I was not brave enough.

Charity Maness

 (My little disclaimer:  'To dine or not to dine' is meant to be a helpful - and humorous - informational piece only. I receive no monetary compensation for this column nor do I endorse any one eatery. This is simply my opinion. My tastes will be different from others and I readily admit that I have no culinary background, but I am fairly confident I know when food is cooked correctly or not, whether a drink is poured well or not and especially whether wait staff is first-rate or in need of a career change.)