Thursday, March 6, 2014

SRT Les Miserables - Breathtaking, Astonishing, Brilliant

I want to start this review by saying that I cannot do SRT's production of Les Miserables justice with my mere words.

Sierra Repertory theater opened their 2014 season with, what is known as the longest running Broadway musical of all time, Les Miserables.

A poignant french historical romance written in 1862 by novelist Victor Hugo, delivered through music and raw emotion.

To attempt to summarize the depth and passion of the play would be not only disrespectful but would certainly lead one to believe that it is merely a play, not the reality that it is a deeply moving experience, done with creative skill and directorial prowess.

The SRT production utilized incredible creative talent from stage design to costume design, from directors chair to lighting and of course with a cast that clearly threw their hearts and souls into this production.

The stage design was intricate and ingenious. How to create the multifaceted backdrops for a play of this caliber weighed heavily on my mind as I entered, however, any doubt I had as to the ability of recreating the scenes were quickly washed away as the combination of sets, lighting and direction made for flawless set changes which captured the essence of the scene.

As with most plays, the lead receives high honors, and it is high honors, without a doubt, that I give to Cliff McCormick, playing Jean Valijean. I felt his pain, his feeling of betrayal, his love, his desperation, and finally his release. Each emotion was palpable with the language his body spoke, the songs that he sang, and the energy with which he filled the stage.

Sierra Naomi, (Fantine) and Katy Harvey (Eponine) both gave performances that brought you to tears. The selfless love was felt throughout the audience as each one gave all they had for those they loved.

The list goes on and on as the cast was beyond compare.

This is a "must see" this year. Bring your tissues and your love of a great, great musical.

Charity Maness

Les Miserables plays through May 4, 2014. For show times and ticket information visit