Friday, March 14, 2014

Smokey the Bear visits Copperopolis Elementray school

On Tuesday MArch 11, 2014 Smokey the BEar and his freinds from CAlFire and the US Forest Service came to Copper School to teach the children, K-3rd grade the importance of fire safety.

Each grade had an interactive presentation tailored to their age group.

Third grade students re-learned the importance of stop-drop-and- roll as well as the correct way to call 911. They were given scenarios to call into 911 regarding auto accidents, house fires, wildland fires, accidents in the home, and strangers. They learned the importance of knowing their address, street and town as well as cross streets and any defining characteristic that may help emergency personnel find the location.

 Zen demonstrating stop-drop-and-roll.
 Calling in stranger danger - attention to details.
Mrs Fairman's 3rd grade class with Smokey