Thursday, March 6, 2014

Local Scout Troop celebrates first Blue and Gold banquet and receives their charter

At the very first Blue and Gold banquet for the fledgling Copper Scout troop # 347 over 40 people were in attendance to celebrate 104 years of scouting, honor their scouts and support scouting.

District Executive Robin Wilson, from Stockton, spoke with the crowd and took great pleasure in seeing a growing troop in Copper and spoke of her commitment to her family through scouting, "I have 4 sons, three are Eagle Scouts and one is currently working on his project. Hopefully this time next year I will be able to say I have four Eagle Scouts."

 Following her speech, Wilson presented Cub Master Doug Oliver with the official Charter for Pack 347.

Currently the cub scout pack consists of 14 active members ranging from 1st to 4th grade. Doug Oliver and his wife Heather Oliver thoroughly enjoy what they are doing and hope more kids will join to experience the fun of scouting.

When asked what most the boys enjoyed about scouting,
6 year old Tiger Cub Aden Scott, said he loved the food at the banquet.
9 year old Bear Cub Joseph Koval said he liked "everything about scouting."
8 year old Wolf Cub Wyatt Shirley said he enjoyed "building things."

Honored this month:
Aden Scott - attaining Bobcat, and family travel belt loop and a bead.
Wyatt Shirley - attaining Wolf Rank.
Joseph Koval - Pet care belt loop
Gabriel Oliver - pin
Korlan Gibson - Silver arrow
Benjamin Oliver - Silver arrow
Zen Barclay - a bead 

If you are interested in scouting please contact Heather Oliver at 785-6301.

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