Tuesday, March 4, 2014

LAFCO discusses special district's spheres of influence - 'consolidation' the new buzz word for 2014

At the 2-24-14 LAFCO meeting, discussions centered on the various special districts spheres of influence.

A sphere of influence is the geographical area of responsibility per district.

The only spheres that remain the same and relatively untouched with time are the Veterans Districts and the Cemetery Districts.

Bert Sobon, City member on LAFCO,  made the presentation regarding special districts and their areas of responsibility. Many districts have come under scrutiny, most problematic are the CSA's and the CSD's" said Sobon. Suggesting a conversion to permanent road divisions or consolidation. GOing further to state that "all 5 CSA's are in trouble" in Calaveras County.

The sphere's of influence for the many fire districts within Calaveras County was discussed, yet maps had not been completed to distribute to the other members. The issue was moved to the April LAFCO meeting, however, once again consolidation was put before the board. And a possible annex of one department with its nearby city Fire Department.

Consolidation was questioned from a member of the community as the county's way of placing the weight of a financially failing district on the shoulders of a financially stable district, this plan  ultimately a recipe for failure?